About Me

Hi! I’m Ryan. I’m a professional programmer who works in the gaming industry, primarily on engine-level code and tools. On the side, I do the same kind of programming—games, engines, tools—as well as research and development into new forms of code editors, compilers, design systems, and—someday—operating systems.

I love the human adventure: the unending strive towards artistic, philosophical, spiritual, mathematical, and scientific horizons. I think this adventure is only possible through individual liberty and natural rights. This is precisely why I care deeply about computing—it has been one of the greatest engines of liberty in history, and thus also all manifestations of that liberty: new forms of art, new modes of human existence through human-computer-interaction, and scientific and mathematical exploration.

For all of these reasons, I despise authoritarianism of all varieties. I despise the part of the human mind that is subjugated by authoritarians. I find it important that those who act as though they have authority are criticized, and to continuously re-examine and challenge authority.

My Posts

Here, I write posts about a number of topics related to computing, ranging from specific technical details that I have worked on in my experience as a systems-level programmer, to the political and philosophical issues that underlie computing.

I write for many reasons—to think, to learn from others, to better solidify my own thought processes, to share technical information with others, to contribute to technical/political/philosophical dialogue, and to motivate others who share a similar vision to me.

I hope you enjoy my writing—if you do, please consider subscribing.

My Code Depot

I self-host all of my code over at git.rfleury.com. I keep the doors closed for most of my code, but if you’d like to ask for private access to a specific project or repository of mine, shoot me an email at ryan@rfleury.com with the following information:

  1. Your name

  2. What you’d like access to

  3. Why you’d like access to it

  4. Your preferred account username

  5. Your preferred account email

I won’t guarantee access, but for independent developers or friends I’m more-often-than-not happy to set up an account for you. If you want to browse or use any of my code for business reasons, I will likely not provide access for free, and we can negotiate the terms of your access.

Paid Subscriber Benefits

There are three access tiers for my content and code:

  • Tier I: Vanguard — Highly-trusted; primarily close friends or teammates.

  • Tier II: Community — Friends, supporters, contributors to public projects.

  • Tier III: Public — Consumers of public content.

As a paid subscriber, you’ll be granted Community access to the Code Depot, and my Discord server. You can obtain access to those—after subscribing—here.

My Friends

  • Allen Webster, Mr. 4th—An excellent and remarkably-rigorous programmer I’ve had the privilege of working with on a few projects, including Dion Systems. He is producing a very in-depth video series on building his own personal codebase from scratch, and is writing blog posts on the computing world, both regarding technical details and the freedom to compute.

  • Abner Coimbre—Abner is the organizer of the Handmade Seattle conferences, and one of the original founders of Handmade Network. He’s well-known for his chocolate-wine-fueled interviews with various interesting people on the topics of programming and ownership in computing, and his passion for from-scratch systems programming.