A mental model for various forms of computation.
Techniques for supporting keyboard and gamepad navigation without overburdening builder code.

January 2023

On markets, regulatory capture, Big Tech, and tangibly improving the software world.

December 2022

Exploring the topic of emergence in computing, and notes on how it becomes relevant in various problems, including arena allocators.

November 2022

Despite memes suggesting otherwise, linked lists are one of the most powerful data structures in simplifying and upgrading code.

October 2022

Thoughts on a general principle I've noticed, relating to the role an environment plays in shaping things within it, including teams, projects, code…

September 2022

Making performant dynamic manual memory management in C feel almost like garbage collection.

August 2022

Making the case for limiting the timeframe during which important state mutations can occur, making these mutations homogeneous, and how this idea can…
On major problems in computing, and why new general-purpose, systems programming languages within the existing ecosystem will not solve them.
The Our Machinery fiasco has made an excellent case for more self-reliant, more from-scratch technology.

July 2022

A simple code generator design I've found to be useful, but still small and easy. Includes a sample version with source code.
Many custom UIs don't implement common keyboard shortcuts in their single-line text fields. It doesn't have to be this way - let's look at a way to…